Maldives Splendor in 3 days


What to do in the Maldives? Well, you can say nothing. Just bask under the sun and chill – best vacation ever. But if you are curious on what itinerary ideas are available, here are some ideas how to spend a few days in this Paradise on Earth:


Meet the and great with the Maldives

All tourists fly to Male, the capital of the Maldives. A ferry, catamaran, or a seaplane will transport you to your respective resort from the airport.

Once you arrive, the first thing you have to do is relax in your villa! Wear your bikini and swimwear, get hold of your welcome drinks, get out to the patio and enjoy the unending blue-green hues of Indian Ocean. Enjoy your villa until you dine for lunch.

After lunch, you may want to take part in island tour adventure, snorkeling, and diving. Most resorts will take you to South Atoll or Baa Atoll, a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. You don’t have to dive deep, even snorkeling will give you a good sense of how plentiful the fishes and live corals are in the Maldives.

Back to your resort, you may want to take a quick nap or explore your resort. Most resorts in the Maldives are destinations themselves with plenty of facilities and sights to see. Lounge by the pool, if they have and wait for the stunning sunset.

You had a long day from traveling to island excursions that you might want to retire earlier than the usual.



Try mixing water and beach life with sightseeing tours while in the Maldives to avoid the feeling of monotony – though it is hard to imagine feeling such a way! On your second day, you could get to know more about the Maldives.

Go back to Male and enjoy walking tours. There is Male Mosque (Masjid-al-Sultan Muhammad Thakurufaanu Al Auzam)the National MuseumMulee-Aage Palace, and the Islamic Center. You can also shop for handicrafts and have lunch at the capital.

Back to the resort, you may want to enjoy the beach or at the pool. Enjoy a good book, work on your tan or just have fun with your travel companions. At night, enjoy entertainment from live music and various dance performances. Night fishing is also a popular activity in the Maldives.


Day 3: Trip to the SPA or an island trip?

On your last day, start your day with yoga, or meditation sessions offered by almost all resorts in the Maldives. After breakfast, try some of the water-sports that are being offered in the area.

Matching any tourist’s energy and fitness level, you can surf, paddle surf, kite-surf,  go kayaking, parasailing or take a relaxing cruise with cocktails and fresh juices on board.

You can also hire a boat and visit some of the Maldives well-loved beaches and islands like Picnic IslandMaafushi IslandHulhumale Beach, and Kuda Bandos. Some of the beaches do not allow swimmers to wear bikinis.

And what is a better way to end a trip to the Maldives than a soothing and rejuvenating massage? Reserve your slot ahead of time for spa services like massages or body scrubs.

The Maldives is one of the few elite destinations that offer total relaxation to its visitors. Unwind and recharge with its serene beauty and comforting activities. If you want to treat yourself with a travel holiday, the Maldives is the place to go!


Where to stay in the Maldives:

Taj Exotica Resort & Spa (South Male Atoll, 2117)
Gili Lankanfushi Maldives (Lankanfushi Island,08290)
Cocoa Island by COMO (Cocoa Island, Makunufushi)
Baros Maldives (Baros Island)
Mirihi Island Resort (South Ari Atoll)
Constance Moofushi (Moofushi Island)
Kandolhu Island (North Ari Atoll)
Komandoo Maldive Island Resort (Lhaviyani Atoll)
Hotel Jen Male (Ameer Ahmed Magu, Male, 20096 – Formerly Traders Hotel)

Travel tips: 

Some other things you need to consider when visiting the Maldives.

  • Visa-on-arrival is available for all nationalities. Free. There is no additional step if you’re going through Immigration; it’s practically visa-free.
  • There’s wi-fi at the airport but it will be sending your mobile number a PIN that you have to enter. Make sure your roaming (call/text) is on.
  • Get a local SIM card for only 3 USD if you must be online every time. You can top it up with 1GB+ of data for a little less than 15 USD. But most guesthouses, lodges, and resorts have free wi-fi. Internet coverage and speed in the Maldives are actually pretty impressive.
  • The Maldives is an Islamic nation and they prohibit or restrict certain items. Here are things you cannot bring into the country: religious idols, materials offensive to Islam, pornographic materials, pigs and pork products, narcotics, and psychotropic substances. Alcohol and spirits are restricted. My companion who came from Japan had a bottle of sake in her luggage. She had to deposit the item at the airport for pickup at the departure area before the flight out.
  • US Dollar (USD) is widely accepted. If you’re staying at a private resort, you wouldn’t even feel the need for the Maldivian Rufiyaa (MVR). But if you’re staying in a local island, it’s best to have some local currency. I exchanged USD 50 at the airport and still had a lot left by the time I was leaving the country.
  • Do NOT lose the receipt when exchanging money or withdrawing from the ATMs. If you lose the receipt, you will not be able to convert them back. Receipts are a requirement when selling Rufiyaa.
  • Water bungalows are the most expensive accommodations in exclusive resorts. If you’re not too keen on staying in one but would love to experience luxury holiday, just book a beach room.
  • FREE UPGRADE. Some resorts give guests staying in a beach room FREE UPGRADE to water villa when there are vacancies. We know because it happened to us. We were asked by the staff if we wanted an upgrade for free. OF COURSE, WE SAID YES RIGHT AWAY!