Mombasa Itinerary 2 Days


Things to See in Mombasa in 2 days

If you are looking for the best things to see in Mombasa in 2 days, these are the attractions you must include in your Mombasa itinerary for 2 days. Explore further to plan a perfect trip of 2 days in Mombasa.

Day 1

Bombululu Workshops And Cultural Centre

Bombolulu Workshops and Cultural Centre is located in Mombasa, Kenya, and works with more than 100 people with different abilities, men and women artisans to help them overcome their physical limitations and empower them economically and socially to become fully integrated members of their communities, also providing social benefits to the workers e.g. Clinic, Nursery School, Social Hall, Sports, HIV Prevention, etc. Bombolulu started in 1969 and the Association for the Physically Disabled of Kenya took over in 1987.

Mombasa Marine National Park And Reserve

Mombasa Marine National Park and Reserve is a marine park and national reserve in Mombasa, Kenya. The park is 10 km² while the reserve is 200 km². It is located on the coast near tourist areas and is a popular beach because of the snorkeling and diving. It is the most heavily visited of Kenya's marine parks

Haller Park

Haller Park is a nature park in Bamburi, Mombasa, on the Kenyan coast. It is the transformation of a quarry wasteland into an ecological area. Haller Park holds a variety of plant and animal species which serve as a recreation spot for tourists and locals.

Mamba Village Centre

Mamba village is a place where you can go out on picnics and see crocodiles, ostriches, and tortoises. You can hold crocodiles in your own hand. But you have to be careful both not to get hurt or hurt the animal. There is a good restaurant where you can have a variety of dishes.

Old Town

Old Town is an area of Mombasa, Kenya. Situated on the south-east side of Mombasa Island, the Old Town covers an area of 72 hectares, and is inhabited by a mix of local, Arab, Asian, Portuguese and British settlers.

Day 2

Fort Jesus Museum

Located in Mombasa Island, Fort Jesus Museum was built to secure the safety of Portuguese living on the East Coast of Africa. The Fort was used as a barrack for the soldiers and converted to a prison when the British protectorate was proclaimed.

The Fort is now an important historical landmark in the East African region, a national treasure managed by the National Museums of Kenya.

Nguuni Nature Sanctuary


Only 4 kilometers away from Bamburi Cement Factory, a small nature sanctuary in a completely unique “out of Africa” environment. Rain-fed ponds are inhabited by fish and birds. Large Doum Palm crowned by Leopard Orchids is scattered in the grassland. The perfect venue for getting together with family, friends, business colleagues and educational school tours. We also offer a lovely setting for weddings. Now offering Environmental Tour Safari.

Jumba La Mtwana

Jumba la Mtwana is the site of historical structures and archeological relics on the Indian Ocean coast of Kenya, lying close to the Mtwapa Creek, at Malindi, in Kilifi county, north of Mombasa. It dates back to the fourteenth century. Its features include a Mosque by the Sea.

Diani Beach

Diani Beach is a major beach resort on the Indian Ocean coast of Kenya. It is located 30 kilometers south of Mombasa, in the nearby Kwale County. It has been voted Africa's leading beach destination for the third time running since 2015

  • Bombululu Workshops And Cultural Centre
  • Mombasa Marine National Park And Reserve
  • Haller Park
  • Mamba Village Centre
  • Old Town
  • Fort Jesus Museum
  • Nguuni Nature Sanctuary
  • Jumba La Mtwana
  • Diani Beach
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