Neza Vouchers

We simply can't think of a better gift than that of travel. With the neza voucher, you can gift your loved one with a voucher of whichever amount, for them to use for a holiday of their choice. It could be 10 close friends, collecting their monies(say $1500, so the 10 friends would pay $150 each) to gift a couple getting married with a honeymoon of their dreams!
Or a family gifting a graduate with a travel voucher after a very stressful graduate program. Birthdays, anniversaries, best employee or customer rewards etc.

The possibilities are endless. Let's work with you to bring your loved ones immense joy through a gift that would live with them forever! With the information below from you, we will fill in the voucher details, and share it with you, along with payment options.


  • Step 1

    Click “REQUEST VOUCHER” below and provide details including who the voucher is from, who it is for, the theme you’d like it to be, the value and the message you’d like printed on it.

  • Step 2

    Once your request has been submitted you will receive a confirmation email within 48 hours with all details of your voucher along with an invoice for payment. Payment instructions will also be provided.

  • Step 3

    Complete payment via our website or application using any suitable payment options.

  • Step 4

    Once payment has been completed and is reflecting in our account we will then send you your custom voucher in both a mail friendly and print friendly format. If there are any changes or amendments you can let us know and we will gladly make the necessary updates.

  • Step 5

    Your Travel Voucher is ready to be given to recipient along with all terms of use.

Request for a Voucher