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Start Between: 9HH:00MM - 12HH:00MM

Total Duration: 3 hrs 0 min

Vehicle x 1: Toyota Noah

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Total Cost: USD 219
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After transfer proceed to Jozani Forest, the largest conservation area in Zanzibar and the only remaining natural mangrove forest on the island, the Jozani Chwaka Bay Conservation Area is renowned for its hairy ape residents, the Red Columbus Monkey. Endemic to Zanzibar, visitors come from far and wide to view the highly endangered Red Columbus Monkey, now numbering only 1500. Due to large scale cultivation, firewood collection, harvesting building materials and charcoal and lime making, Zanzibar's forests have been largely depleted, making the Jozani Chwaka Bay conservation area a significant natural landscape. Nature lovers can walk through the 100 different towering tree species and marvel at the rich variety of birdlife and other small wildlife that inhabit the cool woodland area.
The tour could be in the morning or in the afternoon

Half Day Jozani Forest Tour (Total Duration : 3 hrs 00 mins)

Half Day Jozani Forest Tour


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