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About the Holiday

Rejuvenate your faith with a visit the Vatican city in Rome, Italy





  • Return Air Tickets
  • Transportation from airport to hotel and back
  • 7 nights stay at the Archimede hotel in Rome
  • Daily breakfast at the hotel



  • Vatican and Museums
  • Sistine Chapel
  • St. Peter's Basilica
  • Colosseum
  • Roman Forum
  • Paltine Hill


Your morning begins in the Vatican Museums where you will glide past the lines and crowds directly to the precious collections. See the world-renowned Sistine Chapel, spin in awe within the Raphael Rooms and walk amongst history beside ancient sculptures, priceless paintings, medieval maps, tapestries and archaeological relics.

Your expert local guide will entertain you with fascinating tales behind the famed masterpiece, bringing the Catholic collection to life. Be tantalised by the secrets held within Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel including a personal message to the Pope himself. Your guide is the key to unlocking these marvelous mysteries.

St. Peter and the Pieta.

Your relaxing walking tour continues to St. Peter's Basilica, home to artistic masterworks including Michelangelo's Pieta and the magnificent altar. Stand beneath one of the largest domes in the world and be awestruck by the ornate basilica. Then enjoy free time to amble through the area on your own, explore the cobblestone streets, dine in an authentic Italian Cafe and enjoy life as a modern Roman citizen.

Colosseum and the Gladiators

Now that it is early afternoon,it is the perfect time of the day to visit one of the new world wonders, the Colosseum. Built in 70 AD, it is not actually new but its recognition roumd the world only grows in popularity as the centuries tick on. Our expert local guides are well versed in history and archeology with a unique true Italian perspective. They will take you back in time to ancient Rome and recount the glory and the gory history of this awe-inspiring amphitheatre. Imagine yourself as emperor ruling over crowds gathering in the thousands to watch gladiators battle, politicians debate, prisoners be executed and plays to be performed within these towering walls.

Romulus, Remus and the She-Wolf

Your adventure through time continues on the Palatine Hill. This is the site from which Romulus, the wolf-raised twin of Remus , founded the city that would grow to become an empire. Here you can easily imagine life as an ancient Roman Aristocrat walking through the Roman Forum, the heart of Rome's political and economic power. See the most important sites of the eternal city on this incredible yet intimate 25-person or less City Wonder tour, It is the only one of its kind.

St. Peter's Basilica and other religious sites may be subject to unscheduled closures for religious ceremonies. When this occurs, we will provide guests with an extended tour of the Vatican Museums or appropriate alternatives. While we undertake to tell guests before hand, if there are any planned disruptions to the Basilica opening hours, this is not always possible. In these cases, we are unable to provide refunds or discounts. Please not that appropriate dressing is required for entry into some sites on this tour. Knees, shoulders and backs must be covered.

Due to increased security  measures at many attractions, some lines may form on tours with 'skip the line access'


  • Flights
  • Personal expenses
  • Tipping
  • Anything not included

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